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          About CARE

                 It all started with a conversation of friends about mental health and cultural competency.





The idea for CARE started in late 2010 in Santa Monica California when a group of friends--all clinical psychologists--had a discussion over lunch about cultural competency in the field of mental health. The group discussed our increasingly multicultural world, and the complexities we each face as we move through the world at our own unique intersection of multiple layers of identity. While the field of psychology has done its best to “get with the times," there is still much room for evolution. From there, Drs. Ghassemy, Khani, and Kuntze started meeting in January 2011, with the intention of creating an all-inclusive organization. 




CARE received 501(c)(3) status in April of the same year. The founders then started reaching out to local schools to provide workshops about multiculturalism and ancillary education about multiple layers of identity. In September 2011, Tommy Kuntze and Drew Marshall joined the team to create a logo for CARE and overall vision of the visual design of the organization. (After all, this is a Los Angeles-based organization, so we know the importance of looking good.) Soon thereafter (early-mid 2012), the team was joined by other hardworking volunteers and others seeking to improve mental health education and contribute to the evolving dialog about multiculturalism and mental health (read more about our staff here). 

Through current education and advocacy work, CARE continues to build toward its ultimate goal of opening the doors to a donation-based long-term counseling center for Los Angeles youth. CARE is a young organization and continues to grow and expand toward this dream weekly. 





CARE - Multicultural Healing was created with the intent of facilitating the dialogue about the (sometimes awkward) attempts to integrate a multicultural worldview into the mainstream mindset of the field of psychology. We strive to host --not steer or direct -- the conversation about identity, oppression, and understanding.


These are our first attempts to get this conversation started. If you're interested in participating (and we really hope you are), check out our blogs (please share your throughts in the comment section!), attend one of our events, or volunteer with us. And if you like our cause and think it's a good idea, please donate. We're an ambitious organization with a very small bank account so any and all gifts are very much appreciated.





              How CARE began

              Where we've been

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