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                                                                          Our Services

CARE stands for Counseling, Assessment, Research and Education, the four services we provide to the community.







  • CARE is raising funds to open a counseling center, providing donation-based, low-cost and no-cost, services to adolescents and young adults in the community. Donation-based services will be provided by students training in the mental health profession seeking educational opportunities emphasizing the importance of multiculturalism.

  • One of our missions is to teach the culture bound nature of therapy to increase the effectiveness of human interaction. This is because “without awareness and knowledge of race, culture, and ethnicity, counselors and other helping professionals could unwittingly engage in cultural oppression (Sue & Sue, 2008 p. 23).”  

  • It is our belief that a global perspective on development across the life span and an understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice are integral to the preparation of professional counselors. Training at our clinic will provide students the opportunity to learn to integrate the multi-layered impact of age, race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, ability, economic status, and education level of each client in the development of thoughtful treatment planning.

  • Essentially, as a service provider, CARE will strive to implement a perspective which provides a foundation in basic counseling skills and focuses on social justice, multiculturalism, international awareness, advocacy and leadership.


  • Psychological assessment tools in clinical psychology have historically been found to hold an upper class, Caucasian bias in their interpretation. Additionally, the high cost of psychological assessment services (typically several thousand dollars per assessment) is often not affordable for most parents.

  • Assessment services include psychological testing (cognitive, intellectual, and emotional testing) as well as interviews focused on gathering information about the client’s mental health history.

  • Within the counseling center, CARE will strive to offer assessment services in a culturally sensitive manner, as well as offering the opportunity for students to learn how to provide assessment services with cultural sensitivity.  


  • CARE bloggers highlight up to date, cutting edge, multiculturally-oriented current events and research studies on our website. Read more to see the latest info and get involved in a discussion.

  • CARE is raising funds to support research efforts of local doctoral students by providing guidance to students engaging in research efforts that further a multicultural worldview. CARE supervisors are open to serving as chairs and external reviewers for students completing their doctoral dissertations.


  • As our primary point of reference, the CARE website is the hub of all current events relating to multiculturalism and mental health. Our website is a place for students, members of the community, and potential clients to find out about events, books, research, and hot topics relating to multiculturalism and mental health. We also provide information for events in the community, as well as any presentations and educational opportunities offered by CARE.

  • Additionally, the founders of CARE--all licensed clinical psychologists with research backgrounds -- provide education to fellow clinicians and the general public in the form of monthly presentations and panels. In the future, CARE plans to offer trainings for clinicians and award continuing education credits approved by the American Psychological Association.

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